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In September 2023, Code contacted Code Compliance Assistance Program (CodeCAP) about an outstanding fence-related code violation at a home in Ward 1 in Thornton. The homeowners were experiencing hard times as one of the owners had been the victim of a hit-and-run, drunk driving incident. Due to the injuries, the resident suffered multiple surgeries, a month-long stay in the hospital, an extended recovery period, and an inability to continue working. His wife had to leave her employment to care for her husband. Th Code Compliance officer spoke with the family about the CodeCAP program. They immediately called for more information, sought the supporting documentation needed, and were approved for services.


During that time, CodeCAP was working with Janeth Castro and Bill Patterson from PACA Enterprises, Inc., a small, local, minority-owned, women-owned, disability-owned fencing and landscaping business to obtain System for Award Management ( registration to be qualified to work with the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)-funded CodeCAP Program. CodeCAP connected PACA to Colorado APEX Accelerator, to receive one-on-one support and guidance with this process. After many months of waiting, PACA received notification that their application had been approved, their registration was active, and could begin bidding for CodeCAP projects.


PACA was awarded the bid for the Ward 2 home fence project for removal and replacement of 150 linear feet of fence and submitted their application for a building permit. Meanwhile, Code Compliance and CodeCAP connected with Thornton Parks Maintenance to coordinate bush and tree trimming of city-owned vegetation to allow access for construction.  With building permit approval, PACA scheduled March 11 and 12, 2024 for demolition and installation. By mid-day March 12th, the household had a new fence addressing the code violation and providing additional privacy and security to the home. The entire project was a collaboration between CodeCAP, Code Compliance, Parks, local businesses, and business development partners to provide much-needed services to Thornton residents.

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